A Little Bit About TJ

Welcome to Beautiful Things by TJ!

I know there are other big girls like me with little girls living inside of them.  Little girls who maybe had to grow up too fast or little girls who never could have their fantasy realized.

I have loved dolls since my first memory.  I sewed as a little girl for my sister and my own dollies.  We played for hours and for many years.  Of course, with time my sewing and creativity improved to the level of my dreams.

I worked for thirty-nine years outside of the home and when I had the chance to stay home, I began to dream of other opportunities.  I collect dolls, but could not find a place to buy beds to display my lovelies.  So I started making them.  As I made the first one, I thought there were probably others who feel just like me.  So here I am with beautiful beds for big girls and little girls.

Everything I sell is totally hand made. All hems and lace are hand sewn.  Delicate, yes - but also sturdy. The basic patterns for all the items are the same, but the fabric, lace and designs will vary.

My granddaughters are 22 and 17 years old, but still have the original beds I made for them when they were 5 years old.  Thankfully, they have been improved on since that time.  One of granddaughters made a comment that went like this..."Hey Nanny, why didn't ours look like this?"  I laughed and told her that I had definitely progressed.

That is how dreams are - they just get better with age.  I hope all little big girls, daughters and granddaughters enjoy these beautiful beds and all the other beautiful items in my store.